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Quarterly Review
(13th June 2012)

OC 107 reviewing cadets

On 30th May the weather stayed fine for 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron to hold its first Quarterly Review on the Parade Square in front invited parents and guests.  The Review commenced with OC 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron, Fg Off Paul Bond, formally inspecting A and B Flights as well as the Banner Party.

Following the Inspection, Fg Off Bond made presentations to cadets for their recent achievements, namely a First Aid award, Swimming Proficiency certificates, Classification exam certificates, BTEC qualification award, Gold Duke of Edinburgh badge and finally promotions to Corporal and Flight Sergeant.

A citizenship certificate was awarded by Civilian Committee chairperson Neil Chalmers to Cadet Keir Lynch for his personal sponsorship raised of over £100 for taking part in a local charity run.

Fg Off Bond said "107 Sqn has achieved a monumental amount of success in the short time since I took command.  I was very humbled to formally recognise the efforts of both Staff and Cadets and I look forward to the many future achievements that I am sure our Sqn will continue to have."

107 Squadron 107 mile run
(22nd May 2012)

107 Squadron will be holding a sponsored fundraising run on Wednesday 4th July to raise funds for activities and equipment.  Our target is for the cadets to achieve a combined total of 107 miles.  Additional sponsorship forms can be found here.

Please remember that a taxpayer ticking Gift Aid on the form will significantly enhance their sponsorship to the Squadron.

Staff duties and training Groups
(24th April 2012)

As discussed at the recent Information and Training night, there have been changes in staff roles and the formation of Training Groups.  Details can be found at the foot of the Squadron Staff and Cadet NCOs page.

Change in command of 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron
(22nd April 2012)

Flying Officer Gregory Sinclair, Officer Commanding 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron, left this role in April to take up a career in the Royal Navy.  He spent twelve years with the Air Cadets rising from a fresh faced cadet at thirteen to be in charge of one of the largest squadrons in the North East Scotland Wing.  We wish him well for the future and thank him for his significant contribution to the success of the Squadron.

The new Officer Commanding is Flying Officer Paul Bond who has been with the Squadron for over a year.  He held this role in a previous squadron and has brought with him a wealth of experience.  Flying Officer Bond is looking to continue the development of opportunities for male and female cadets and expand the Squadron further.

Sporting award
(22nd April 2012)

Cdt Sgt Smith

Cadet Sergeant Andrew Smith has received the Jack Mansfield trophy which is the annual award to a cadet in Scotland with the best overall sporting achievements.

Rampaging Chariots
(22nd April 2012)

Our current project evenings are concentrating on the construction of two radio controlled robots which we will enter against other youth groups at the Scottish Robotic Games in June.  These robots are built from identical kits and give the cadets experience in wood and metal working, radio and electrical engineering skills, which then compete in Football, Sumo, Assault Course and Tug-of-War events.

107 (Aberdeen) Squadron Awarded Trophy for Exam Success
(27th February 2012)

On the 30th of January 2012 it was announced that 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron has been awarded the Browning Trophy for best exam results in North East Scotland Wing for 2011.

The Air Training Corps Training Syllabus is designed to give Cadets an insight into all aspects of aviation, from its history to the technology used it today’s aircraft.  Success in these exams allow Cadets to be awarded classification badges, they also indicate that the Cadet has undergone training that will be useful (and sometimes a prerequisite) for courses and awards, such as the Frimley Park Leadership Course and the Radio Communicators Badge.  Cadets who pass these exams may also be awarded BTEC certificates, worth up to four Standard Grades and worth a significant number of UCAS points which can assist with entry to Higher Education.

Flying Officer Sinclair, Officer Commanding 107 Sqn said: "Winning the Browning Trophy is a huge achievement for 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron.  I would like to congratulate the Cadets for the effort and dedication they have made to study for these exams.  I would also like to thank our team of Staff and Senior Cadets who have given their own time to become experts on their subjects, before delivering lessons to the Cadets.  You can be very proud of what you have achieved."

107 (Aberdeen) Squadron Gorse Clearing with Aberdeen Park Rangers
(26th February 2012)

Gorse clearing February 2012

On Saturday 25th February 2012 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron joined members of the Aberdeen University "Dirty Weekenders" and the RSPB Pheonix group to work with the Aberdeen Park Rangers in clearing Gorse Scrub at the Scotstown Moor Local Nature Reserve.

After a safety talk in the use of the loppers and saws, they spent the morning cutting back the gorse in various locations to improve the wet land habitat for native plants and wildlife to thrive.  By lunchtime the Rangers had a nice bonfire going on which potatoes were baking nicely.  Lunch was rounded off nicely with some roast marshmallows.

The afternoon was spent dragging the rest of the cuttings to the bonfire area for the Rangers to burn at a later date.  Some cadets went round the paths picking up litter and managed to fill three black bin bags.

CI Alan Whitehead said “We have been helping the Rangers for several years now at all the Local Nature Reserves.  This was a day of hard work but the Cadets found it very rewarding as part of their community involvement and had a great laugh along the way.

More photos of the event can be found here.

Cadet Method of Instruction Course
(23rd February 2012)

Cadet Method of Instruction Course at 107 Sqn

On Saturday 4th February 2012 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron hosted a Cadet Method of Instruction Course on behalf of North East Scotland Wing ATC.

Eight cadets from different squadrons who hold the Master Air Cadets classification, received training in instructional techniques and the structure of a presentation which will allow them to deliver lessons at their own squadrons in future.

In the coming weeks each of the cadets will be assessed by the Wing Training Officer while they deliver a lesson and, if successful, with be awarded a yellow lanyard and the title of Instructor Cadet.

Fg Off Bond said: "It was a great weekend. To act as coordinator for a new course which has only run once before in NES Wing was a great challenge.  However the staff that assisted over the weekend were extremely motivated and the Cadets were full of energy.   It was a fantastic weekend which I hope has benefitted all involved."

Cadets Complete Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition
(22nd January 2012)

Six cadets form 107 Squadron braved the Autumn chill whilst camping out in the Cairngorm Mountains.  The overnight camp was part of the two day qualifying expedition towards the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.  The camp marked the halfway point of two days walking and took place after extensive planning and map reading exercises done on the parade evenings in preparation for the expedition.  To complete the expedition category the cadets have to plan and make a presentation to the rest of the Squadron.

Leading Cadet Hopley who attended the course said "It was a great character building experience, working as a team with a group of other cadets all striving for the same goal.  Working as a team helped overcome some of the difficulties faced such as pitching a tent in high winds."

107 (Aberdeen) Squadron Gains Drill Instructor
(22nd January 2012)

Having completed the SNCO Staff Drill Instructors course, Sergeant A.J.Bond becomes North East of Scotland Wings second drill instructor.  Sergeant Bond became the second qualified drill instructor and the first female instructor after attending the course at RAF College Cranwell.

Sergeant Bond is now part of a dedicated team responsible to the Wing Commander for all matters regarding Wing drill training.   Sergeant Bond has also taken up the role of acting Squadron Warrant Officer at 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron, with the responsibility for Drill, Dress, Deportment and Discipline.

Sergeant Bond said, "I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and look forward to being able to help cadets hone their drill skills."

107 (Aberdeen) Squadron Impresses at Annual Formal Inspection
(5th October 2011)

107 (Aberdeen) Squadron with 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron with Wing Commander Joan Gilbert-Stevens

Cadets and staff at 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron welcomed and impressed Wing Commander Joan Gilbert-Stevens, OC North East Scotland Wing at this years' Annual Formal Inspection.

During the evening, the Wing Commander observed and immersed herself in the various classes that were held on the night including Radio Communications where Cadets took part in a cryptographic exercise, encoding and decoding messages via radio.
First aid, which is an integral part of Cadet training and a valuable skill for young people to gain, was revisited.  Field craft skills such as range cards and identifying objects in a given terrain were also taught.  Cadets also impressed with an outstanding show of Continuity Drill which combines teamwork and co-ordination which is an imperative element of Cadet Training.

Inspection evenings give the Wing Commander an opportunity to assess a Squadrons performance in terms of admin, training and future goals. It is also a chance for her to meet new members of Staff and of course the Cadets themselves.

The night also saw Cadet Corporal Smith promoted to Sergeant and Cadet Griffin promoted to Corporal, after recognition of their hard work, relevant training and dedication to the Squadron.

Wing Training Day
(22nd June 2011)

107 (Aberdeen) Squadron participated in the North East Scotland Wing Training Day competitions at Gordon Barracks last weekend.

We came first in the PR competition and third in the Banner Drill while performing strongly in other competitions.

The winner of each competition will go forward to represent the Wing in the Regional competition at a later date.

107 (Aberdeen) Squadron March for the Marines
(13th June 2011)

107 (Aberdeen) Squadron March for the Marines

During the 15th May 2011 Cadets and Staff from 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron Marched 10 kilometres in aid of
45 Commando, Royal Marines with each member of the team collecting sponsorship in aid of the event.

With the totals now in 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron raised an astounding £503.55 which will now be used to aid those who have been affected by the loss and injury of serving personnel, with a memorial garden of remembrance and reflection to be built using the funds that were raised.

Flying Officer Sinclair, Officer Commanding
107 (Aberdeen) Squadron said: "One of the fundamental aims of the Air Training Corps is to develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship and this event is a prime example of the citizenship that our Cadets participate in on a regular basis.  It’s great to see so many people from so many walks of life supporting our Armed Forces and we are proud to be part of something so important."

New Officers at 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron
(13th June 2011)

Two members of staff at 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron have recently been appointed to Queens Commissions in the Training branch of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.  Having now completed months of preparation and testing, which included interview boards at both the Wing Headquarters and a further formal board in front of the Regional Commandant, Officer Cadets MacDonald and McKenzie will now prepare for the hardest challenge yet, the Officer’s Initial Course at the prestigious Royal Air Force Cranwell, the home of Royal Air Force Officer training.

Flying Officer Sinclair, Officer Commanding 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron said: "It is both a great honour and a remarkable achievement to be appointed to a Commission in the Training branch of the RAFVR and both of our new Officers have shown a great deal of dedication and effort to get where they are today.  We are justifiably proud of them and wish them all the best for their future careers in the RAFVR(T)."

IACE 2011 selection success
(21st February 2011)

Cdt FS Stuart Whitehead has successfully passed a Regional Selection Board for International Air Cadet Exchange 2011. He will now represent Scotland & Northern Ireland Region on this years exchange to Canada.

IACE links air minded youth organizations across the world on a 15-day exchange visit each July/August and is a prestigious opportunity to meet cadets from all over the world in a cultural, adventurous and entertaining programme of events with an aviation theme.

Tea and biscuits with the RAF
(6th February 2011)

Tea and biscuits with the RAF

On the 70th Anniversary of the formation of the Air Training Corps we had a tea and biscuits social event with ex-members of the RAF who served during WWII and later. This gave the cadets the opportunity to ask about their experiences, roles and types of aircraft they had flown.

Air Commodore Reg Whittaker MBE RAF (retd) presented the Squadron with a display model of a Tornado.

Have a look in our photo gallery for more pictures from the event.

Squadron Staff changes
(3rd February 2011)

Four new members of staff joined the squadron this month and at a staff meeting tonight Fg Off Sinclair outlined new staff roles.

Fg Off P Bond and Sgt A Webb, who have both served with several other squadrons, bring a wealth of experience and new
ideas which will be put to good use in squadron training and activities.  We are also joined by CI S Fuhrmann and CI I Hopley.

The Squadron organigram can be found here.

Classification Training manuals
(30th January 2011)

Training manuals for the Cadet Classification exams can now be found under The ATC -> Cadet Exam Training on the site menu.

Training Plans
(10th January 2011)

Training plans for RTC Flight (Recruit Training) and A/B Flights are now available via the menu above under
Our Squadron.

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