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You as a cadet will have the chance to fly in a GROB Tutor aircraft at least once a year during your time in the Corps, although many cadets fly more.  On the day of your flight you will be fully kitted out with your safety equipment including a flying suit, helmet and a parachute – but don’t worry, the chances of you having to use your parachute are very very slim.

On the other hand, if you would like to jump out of a plane there is a Parachute Course held at RAF Weston-on-the-Green every year, selection is very competitive with only 60 places available from a Corps of over 35,000.

Air Experience Flights (AEF)

Every Cadet in the Corps will have the opportunity to take to the skies and learn some basic flying techniques. Flying takes place every four months or so and is held at a local RAF base.  Aberdeen Wing, including 107 Squadron, fly from RAF Leuchars where No. 12 Air Experience Flight (AEF) fly almost every weekend.  12 AEF share their building with the East of Scotland Universities’ Air Squadron. AEF pilots are usually ex-regulars who following retirement from the RAF, have re-branched to the RAFVR(T).  Most pilots do this not only for their love of flying, but also so they can transfer their skills to the new generation of future pilots!  This means that you, as a cadet, may be flying with an ex-fast jet pilot and following your first introductory flight, get the chance to experience aerobatics and may even take the controls and do them yourself!

The ATC has been flying cadets in powered aircraft since 1957.  The aircraft cadets flew in then were called DeHavilland Chipmunks, these were not replaced to 1996 with the introduction of the Bulldog.  The current GROB Tutor Aircraft was introduced to the RAF in 1999.

You may also from time to time get the opportunity to fly in another of the currently serving aircraft of the RAF. It is not unusual for cadets to be offered the chance to get a flight in a Helicopter or a Tanker Aircraft while at annual camp.  The best cadets in the Corps who have shown extraordinary commitment and leadership skills may also get the opportunity to fly in a fast jet as a reward for all their hard work over the years.

Cdt Sgt Nick Fennell is an example of one of the lucky cadets who have been offered the opportunity to fly in a fast jet. Flying, along with Gliding, puts the Air in the Air Training Corps and we at 107 Squadron will make sure you, as a cadet will get the chance to experience the thrill of flying as much as possible.